Five Loaves evolved out of a passion to make a tangible impact on the way people around the world engage with food. We recognize that food insecurity is something that impacts people in both developing and developed countries by way of under-nutrition and starvation or malnutrition and obesity. Instead of developing a brand new idea or product, we wanted to help improve and support the great work already existing to alleviate food insecurity and improve nutrition.

We see ourselves as advocates, marketers, and fundraisers for food insecurity. We work with restaurants to market the food secure choices they are making and identifying them as “food secure” on their menus. We work with consumers, raising awareness and advocating for them to make healthy choices for themselves, which also impact global food security. A portion of every food-secure meal purchased is donated to outstanding non-profit organizations making large, tangible impacts on food security in the most vulnerable communities. We work to 1) raise awareness about food security and nutrition; 2) help people see the impact of personal choices on their global community; and 3) make it easier for people to participate and to see the difference they are making.

A story that has inspired us is one from the Bible where a young boy offered the five loaves of bread and two fish he had as food for the hungry. His small meal was multiplied to feed five thousand people and the story ends by saying ‘everyone ate and was satisfied’. We are convinced that if we all participate and bring what little we have, we can multiply the effect so that all may eat and be satisfied.

The idea for Five Loaves initially took shape from our entry in the Thought for Food (TFF) challenge as team CrOpportunity. More details about Five Loaves can be found on our Changemakers project page.