A Focus on Land Rights to Improve Food Security

Guidelines passed by the FAO support food security by promoting fair processes for land rights and land access.

Trees That Feed Foundation Promotes Wellbeing for People and Planet

The Trees That Feed Foundation plants edible trees in developing nations that feed people, create jobs, and protect the environment.

The New Farmer Project: An Essential Tool Shed for Vermont’s Aspiring Farmers

The University of Vermont’s New Farmer Project provides resources, training and support for aspiring farmers.

Isha Datar’s In Vitro Meat

Isha Datar offers a novel–and possibly environmentally friendly–solution to meat production by growing muscle cells in vitro.

Biofuels Panel: The Intersection of Food and Energy Policy

What role do biofuels have in reducing carbon footprints, mitigating climate change and do they really displace food?

Global Spotlight on Family Farmers

The United Nations has designated next year, 2014, the International Year of the Family Farmer (IYFF), and preparations around the world are already beginning.

Federal immigration reform addressing plight of foreign-born farm workers – but is it enough?

Approximately 25 percent of the agricultural sector is dependent upon foreign-born labor, how can we raise awareness and improve conditions for workers?

New Sustainable Aquaculture Methods Promise Healthier Fish and Lakes

Innovations in fish-feed and land-based containment systems offer solutions to sustainable aquaculture says American Association for the Advancement of Science

More Food, Less Water: Top 6 Farming Practices to Better Manage Water Use

This post in Food Tank’s series on World Water Day highlights practices that farmers can use to help reduce water consumption and waste.

Food Hero Series: Tony Allan, Water Policy Innovator

How much water is in your food? More than you might think. Food Hero Tony Allan shows how food and water policy are connected.

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