Kosegare Brings Young People Back to Japan’s Farms

The organization Kosegare in Japan encourages young people from farming families to leave high-stress jobs in cities and start new businesses back home.

Edward Mukiibi’s Project DISC Inspires Ugandan Young People to Become Farmers

For many Ugandans, farming is a career of last resort. Project DISC is changing that, inspiring a generation of farmers through sustainable school gardens.

Earth Day: Youth and Agriculture

This Earth Day, we’ll be highlighting the importance of farming for protecting biodiversity, creating economic opportunities, and improving nutrition

April 17th Food Tank Summit Speaker Spotlight: Felipe Tendick-Matesanz

Felipe Tendick-Matesanz is a public health scientist who has focused his efforts on building participatory and community driven sustainable food systems.

Food Hero Series: Russ Kremer, NRDC Growing Green Winner and Pioneer in Antibiotic-free Pig Farming

Food hero, Russ Kremer is a NRDC Going Green winner and a pioneer in environmentally sustainable, humanely-raised drug-free pig farming

Guest Blog from Chef Ann, the Renegade Lunch Lady: Salad Bars—Not Just for Restaurants

Guest Blog from Chef Ann, the Renegade Lunch Lady discusses Salad Bar Nation, a campaign to get salad bars in 2013 schools this year.

April 17th Food Tank Summit Speaker Spotlight: Alan Shannon

Food Tank Summit Speaker Spotlight: Alan Shannon, Public Affairs Director for the USDA Food and Nutrition Service’s Midwest Region.

New Law in Bolivia Directed at Supporting and Empowering Family Farmers

In January of 2013, Bolivian President Evo Morales signed a new law that declared that family farming is of “public and national interest.”

April 17th Food Tank Summit Speaker Spotlight: Greg Christian

One of the most anticipated speakers of Food Tank’s upcoming event: ‘We Can Change the Food System, Chicago!’ is Greg Christian

Reducing Food Waste by Accepting “Wonky” Vegetables

Supermarkets are wasting huge amounts of food by refusing to sell aesthetically imperfect produce. How can we resolve this?