Food Tank Book of the Week: The Perfect Protein by Andy Sharpless

Andy Sharpless spoke with Food Tank to explain why the mantra “eat wild, eat local, eat small fish, and eat shellfish” can save the food system.

Wal-Mart: Abuses Animals, Disdains Science

This guest post from Farm Sanctuary reveals the extent to which Wal-Mart supports cruelty to animals.

Framing Hunger Criticizes SOFI12 for Creating Inaccurate Picture of Progress on Global Hunger

Framing Hunger is a document highlighting multiple concerns regarding the FAO 2012 report, The State of Food Insecurity in the World.

Community for Zero Hunger launches as multi-sector response to hunger

The Community for Zero Hunger launches today as an independent initiative to identify needs and gaps in fighting hunger.

Palm Oil: Business Boon, Environmental Bust

Consumption of palm oil is on the rise, but industry expansion poses threats of environmental damage and unethical labor practices.

The High Morality of Protecting the Ecosphere: Wes Jackson’s KU Commencement Speech

Founder of The Land Institute, Wes Jackson, delivers the KU commencement. High morality necessitates the protection of the ecosphere.

12 Musicians Promoting Food Movement Initiatives

These 12 artists have participated in the movement to change the food system, either by teaming up with organizations or influencing their fans to take action.

‘Clean’ Cookstoves Simultaneously Improve Women’s Health and Save Money

Millions of people die each year from smoke exposure due to using open cooking fires in their homes; clean, more efficient cookstoves are a viable alternative.

Food Tank Book of the Week: Sowing Seeds in the Desert by Masanobu Fukuoka

In Sowing Seeds in the Desert, Masanobu Fukuoka tackles much more than superficial solutions to global desertification.

Food Hero: Basil Kransdorff, Creator of e’Pap

Basil Kransdorff is an Ashoka fellow and creator of e’Pap, a revolutionary pre-prepared foodstuff packed with nutrients. Kransdorff and his wife, Rose, developed e’Pap, which rapidly improves nutrition, energy, and productivity for those consuming it. e’Pap offers repletion based on nutrients rather than empty calories from…

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