An Overview of Eliminate Poverty Now

Eliminate Poverty Now focuses on investing at the local level by providing funds for projects that address local needs as identified by communities themselves.

A Partnership with Food MythBusters

Food Tank is partnering with Food MythBusters to build an international food community through the power of information.

Food Stamp Use Rises in U.S., Along with Poverty

Food stamp use in the U.S. continues to grow, gaining attention from lawmakers keen on cutting important safety net programs.

Study: Crop Yield Trends Not on Track to Meet Global Demand in 2050

A new study warns that global production of food crops is not increasing quickly enough to meet the world’s projected needs in 2050.

Smithsonian Launches Agriculture Innovation and Heritage Archive

The Smithsonian highlights transformations of American agriculture through leveraging stories from the public.

Honey Laundering: Two Honey-Processing Companies Charged in Anti-Dumping Case

A recent investigation has led to charges against two honey-processing companies as well as five individuals for illegal importation of honey.

FAO Promotes New Agroforestry Rules

The U. N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says new rules and policies will need to be implemented around the world in order to fully realize agroforestr

Widowhood and Equal Land Rights: An Ignored Injustice

This guest post from Girls’ Globe illustrates how global attention towards widows pales in comparison to other women’s issues.

Raisins Reach the Supreme Court

Raisin producers are going to the Supreme Court to fight marketing restrictions created 64 years ago.

Food Hero: Allan Savory Fights Desertification with Holistic Management

In his TED Talk, Food Hero Allan Savory proposes holistic management as a means to reverse desertification, using large livestock herds to restore grasslands.