The Powerful Potential of SoilIQ for Kenyan Farmers

SoilIQ, a plug-in for Android phones, may be the device to improve crop production and improve income for Kenyan farmers.

Changing Climate in West Africa’s Volta River Basin Threatens Food and Energy Security

A new study predicts that climate change will shrink water resources in West Africa, causing major setbacks for agricultural and energy production.

FAO Statistical Yearbook Offers Detailed Look at World’s Food and Agriculture

The 2013 edition of U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization Statistical Yearbook paints a detailed picture of the world’s food and agriculture today.

Revolutionary Innovations for Clean Water

The demand for clean water continues to fuel inventions for water purification.

Enset: The Drought-Resistant Miracle Plant

Enset, a staple crop for many Ethiopians, has been proven to conserve water resources and stand strong against the effects of climate change.

Innovations and Cooperation for World Water Week

During World Water Week, Food Tank will highlight research and innovations that are working to conserve water resources and make clean water available to all.

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