Study suggests multinational companies can contribute to local agricultural development

A recent study suggests that multinational corporations can work with local industries to transform agricultural markets.

“Sustainable” Agriculture: often debated, rarely understood

Current agricultural practices are diminishing our ability to produce food in the future. Food choices today will influence what is produced in the future.

The Good Shepherds

We’ve all heard the mantra: meat is bad. But, simply avoiding meat may not be the best solution.

Tree T Pee Creates Huge Water Savings For Farmers

John Georges invented the Tree T Pee to improve tree growth and conserve water.

Food Hero: Pam Warhurst and Incredible Edible Transform Todmorden

Pam Warhurst and Incredible Edible transform Todmorden into a sustainable food system model.

Indigenous Crop: Cloves- From Ancient Lands to Modern Kitchens

Cloves, the tiny flower buds of the clove tree, pack a big punch in cuisines throughout the world and have long been valued for their medicinal properties.

Five ways System of Rice Intensification (SRI) practices and ideas can help “feed the world”

The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) practices and ideas can help “feed the world,” support family farmers, and help protect the environment.

An Agricultural Revolution in the Making? – The System for Rice Intensification (SRI) gains support

An alternative method for rice cultivation promises to change the way the world’s most important food is grown.

Recent Study Explores Environmental Implications of Global Livestock Production Practices

A study highlights differences in livestock production between “developed” regions and “developing” regions, which has important environmental implications.

The Role of Japanese Cooperatives Post Fukushima

In the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japanese cooperatives have embraced social responsibility in times of public fear.

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