Homegrown by Heroes

Homegrown by Heroes created a distinctive logo that will serve as identification to prospective consumers that the products were grown or raised by a veteran.

Improving the Food Supply Chain in Japan

The analysis of food loss in Japan is now the aim of new institutional initiatives aimed at improving the national food system.

101 Additional Organizations to Watch in 2014

The response was so overwhelming from our list of 101 organizations to follow in 2014 that we compiled 101 more organizations, based on your recommendations.

Meals For Good makes healthy, home-cooked meals easy and affordable

Meals For Good aims to make cooking at home healthy, affordable and effortless.

Phytoremediation—Utilizing Plants’ Natural Abilities to Clean Up Soils

Phytoremediation uses the ability of plants to extract pollutants from soils and groundwater and convert them to less harmful or completely harmless forms.

Kellogg’s, End the Lockout!

Transnational cereal manufacturer Kellogg’s has locked out 220 workers at their plant in Tennessee, upsetting workers and creating a precarious situation.

Le Laboratoire’s experiments pioneer future designs for food and water sustainability

Le Laboratoire unites art and science to innovate designs that may promote environmental sustainability.

Bringing it Closer to Home – Boston approves commercial farming within city limits

Boston steps into the future, joining other U.S. cities in allowing commercial urban farming.

Indigenous Crop: The Long Island Cheese Pumpkin, an American heirloom domesticated in New York

The Long Island Cheese pumpkin is an American heirloom that was domesticated in New York in the 1860s. It was named for its resemblance to a cheese wheel.

The Right to Food Security

CREED urges leaders to support the right to food security for the impoverished.

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