The Edible Schoolyard Project Integrates an Ecoliterate Curriculum

The Edible Schoolyard Project infuses school curriculum with outdoor garden experiences and academic classes in the kitchen, providing an edible education.

Raising food waste awareness in Japan

Consumer behavior has emerged as a root cause of food waste—direct disposal, food scraps, and food leftovers account for half the amount of food waste in Japan.

GRuB Institutes Provides Hands-On Training for Farm-based Education Programs

The GRuB institute is a three day workshop that provides hands-on education in community and farm-based youth programs

A Wild Farm

How do we start to become more efficient in our use of land, preserve biodiversity and provide more diverse and healthy food options? The wild farm is a start.

GFAR Works for “A Revolution in Agricultural Research for Development”

GFAR’s mission to create a platform for resource sharing and collaboration is moving stakeholders toward a much-needed “revolution in agricultural development.”

VIDEO RELEASE: Family Farmers + You = A Well Nourished World

Food Tank’s new video, produced in collaboration with Greener Media, reveals that when family farmers have the right tools, they have limitless potential.

Cross-Breeding Trial in Kenya Attempts to Increase Farmer Income

The One Acre Fund is attempting to increase milk production in Kenya with a new livestock trial.

Real Food Media Contest Films Highlight Sustainable Farming and Agriculture

The Real Food Media Project has selected the top films among the submissions from its Real Food Media Contest.

Food Tank’s Spring Reading List

Food Tank has hand-picked 16 books that have educated, inspired, and informed us for your spring reading list.

“I Left Nigeria Once, I Will Leave Again”

One Young Professionals’ Platform for Agricultural Research and Development (YPARD member shares his experience with studying agriculture in and out of Nigeria.