Stories from IFAD: Tool Offers Holistic Poverty Assessment View

A recently released International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) assessment tool offers adaptable approaches for development programs.

Edible Institute: Bringing Together Leaders for a Better Food System

Food Tank highlight five of the many Edible publications who are a voice for the good food movement. Join us at the Edible institute May 10-11!

Artificial Fertilizer Use levels-off as regions reach state of diminishing returns

Artificial fertilizer use is leveling off and even decreasing in many regions of the world as countries have started to reach a state of diminishing returns.

Indigenous Crop: Mesquite—Ancient Flour of the Future

Mesquite has a long history of usage by Native-Americans, but is only recently being rediscovered for its tasty flour and nutritional benefits.

FarmHer: A Project By Marji Guyler-Alaniz

FarmHer is a project started by Marji Guyler-Analiz that documents through photography the important role that women play in the agricultural system.

AR4D Foresight for Youth- China Perspective

Young Professionals’ Platform for Agricultural Research and Development (YPARD) presents China’s perspective on youth in agriculture.

Japanese Professor Uses Fermentation for Soil Enrichment

Japanese Professor Teruo Higa is fermenting food waste—and adding it to the garden to boost productivity.

A YOUng FARMer’s vision

Three young farmers stories are highlighted in A YOUng FARMer’s vision.

IYFF: World Farmers’ Organization Elects New President at General Assembly Meeting

World Farmers’ Organization members elect Peter Kendall as next president.

Think Global, Buy Local: A new study looks at the impact of buying local produce on local economies

Think Globally, Act Locally has been a motto of the sustainable food movement – but does it improve local economies?