GFAR launches platform to make agricultural data more available

Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) and CIARD collaboration instrumental in creating open source agriculture data.

Transforming political will into action for nutrition

Fighting malnutrition requires proactively building political will for effective action—a new core challenge for the nutrition community, according to IFPRI.

Six Innovative Initiatives that are Working to Strengthen Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture

Food Tank and GFAR highlight six innovative projects and initiatives that are working to strengthen women’s empowerment in agriculture.

Don’t Forget Landscapes! LPFN Drafts a Position Statement for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

LPFN has drafted a position statement to send to the United Nations’ Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals to ensure that landscapes are included.

Indigenous Crop: The Cape Gooseberry, a Hardy and Healthy Fruit Throughout the World

The cape gooseberry’s pleasant taste makes it a healthy addition to sweet and savory dishes. This hardy fruit also has potential to jumpstart micro-enterprises.

The Peterson Garden Project Is Growing Roots in Chicago

The Peterson Garden Project is reviving urban gardening in Chicago and promoting local food production by helping growers turn seeds into food.

Chef Bill Telepan Transforms School Lunches: An Interview with Chef Telepan

Chef Bill Telepan has teamed up with Wellness in the Schools in New York City to bring healthy food to school lunches and teach students about nutrition.

Safe, Not Sorry

While it may arguably be the cheapest, is American food actually the safest?

“Have you ever been hungry?”

Jen Chapin recounts her conversation with a young man after her performance of “Feed Your Baby.”

IYFF:Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Initiative promotes community-based tribal food system development

The Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Initiative has launched more than 50 small-scale tribal food system projects.