Menus of Change: “This is how I’m going to be a leader”

The Culinary Institute of America and Harvard partner for a better food system.

Stories from GFAR: Foresighted Farmers to Face Future Challenge

Ironically, farmers, who are most in need of information about the future of food, agriculture, and rural development, have the least access to it.

Jamie Oliver Food Foundation Spreads the Word of Healthy Cooking

Jamie Oliver’s U.S. foundation implements their U.K. model to spread the message of healthy cooking to individuals, schools and businesses.

Innovation for Sustainability: Prized Worldwide- The Neem Tree Finds a Niche Around the World

Societies all over the world have found uses for the neem tree, especially as a natural pesticide and fertilizer in agro-ecological systems and as a medicine.

The Women’s World Summit Foundation: The Women’s Creativity in Rural Life Award

The Women’s World Summit Foundation is a non-profit organization is accepting nominations for their “Women’s Creativity in Rural Life” prize.

Innovation for Sustainability: Drying Racks Improve Fish Processing in Burundi

A system of raised drying racks introduced by the FAO has helped improve the livelihood of many in Burundi’s fishing industry.