Indigenous Crop: The Elephant Foot Yam

Elephant foot yam is a tropical tuber crop native to tropical parts of Asia, and cultivated for its various edible parts.

Food Hero: Will Harris, Sustainable Livestock Producer Winner of the Growing Green Awards 2014

Will Harris won the Growing Green Awards in Sustainable Livestock Production adopting sustainable practices and making his farm a profitable business.

A Green Solution: How Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture Can Help Central American Cities

Latin American and Caribbean cities are implementing urban and peri-urban agriculture in order to adapt to the increased regional urban population.

Minnesota Protects Bees from Insecticides

Minnesota has enacted a new law that will ensure that plants marketed as “bee-friendly” have not been treated with harmful insecticides.

Increasing Food Security and the Value of Maize

Maize is prioritized in Benin as a source of food security and a marketable cash crop.

The Sustainable Trade Initiative Launches its Sustainable Land and Water Program

The Sustainable Land and Water Program aims to unite the public and private sectors in developing economically sustainable resource supply chains.

China’s Meat, Processed Food Consumption is Rising. What Does That Mean for China?

Meat is on the rise and the changes in diet occurring in China carry rippling effects around the world.

Shelter From the Storm: RIICE Combines Technology and Insurance to Support Rice Farmers

RIICE is an innovative project that uses crop insurance, crop yield monitoring and the latest satellite technology to support smallholder farms Southeast Asia.

GFAR Partnering With EAT to Create Research Network Uniting Agriculture and Nutrition

GFAR has partnered with the EAT Stockholm Food Forum to lead an integrated approach to increasing the sustainability and nutritional value of food.

Agriculture Gets A Facelift: How To Bring Youth Back Into The Field

Youth networks across the world are working tirelessly to excite young people about a career in agriculture.

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