Menu of Solutions to Feed Nine Billion by 2050

Guardian Sustainable Business hosted a panel of experts to discuss: Food and Agriculture: What Are The Sustainability Challenges?

Ugly Fruit and Vegetables Hit the Catwalk

Intermarché have put ugly fruit and vegetables into the spotlight to educate consumers on food waste.

The Buzz on Burt and His Bees

New documentary film tells story of Burt Shavitz, founder and face of Burt’s Bees.

Digging for Solutions in the Ground Beneath Our Feet

Food Tank is recognizing 14 exciting projects and individuals who are facilitating important dialogue about the importance of soil.

Rebuilding the International Nutrition System So it’s Fit-for-Purpose

The outcome of the International Conference of Nutrition in November 2014 will reflect governments’ ambitions, commitments and plans for advancing nutrition.

Indigenous Crop: Marama – a secret crop of southern Africa

The marama plant, a legume can produce crops above and below ground. The marama plant can survive in dry climates by storing water in its roots.

Using Fresh and Local Ingredients to Improve School Meals in the Midwest

Gorilla Gourmet provides nutritious, organic, locally-sourced meals for thousands of school children across Illinois and Wisconsin.

Rice, Peanuts, and Cassava: How One West-African Activist is Using Organic Farming to Feed Youth

Activist Sahr Yillia is using smallholder organic farming in Liberia and Sierra Leone to feed and educate disadvantaged youth.

Fresh vs. Frozen: Who Wins the Fish Filet Fight?

For conscientious consumers, knowing the differences between fresh and frozen seafood can lead to healthier, more sustainable choices.

Bottom-up Sustainability in Australia’s Livestock Industry

Despite a challenging macroeconomic and political context, sheep and cattle farmers in Australia are building a sustainable industry by 2020 through Target 100.

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