From Campus to Community: Chicago Students Embrace Waste Reduction

With the help of grants, students on Chicago campuses embrace composting to combat excess food waste.

Hampton Creek Is Replacing Eggs with Yellow Peas

New sustainable food business Hampton Creek Foods is developing inexpensive, plant-based egg products.

Women Are Sowing the Seeds of Food Security in Kyrgyzstan

Women in Kyrgyzstan are growing herbs—and their incomes—-thanks to a WFP initiative.

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These 10 young entrepreneurs from around the world are changing the way we grow, prepare, consume, and think about food.

Five Ways to Make Agriculture Innovation Better Serve the Needs of Women Farmers

The Gender in Agriculture Partnership aims to close the gender gap in agriculture to improve food security, livelihoods, and development.

Mapping the Circular Nature of Conflict and Food Insecurity in Arab Countries

A workshop on enhancing resilience to conflict in Arab countries reveals a complex relationship between conflict and food insecurity in the MENA region.

Farmers Are Planting the First Commercial Hemp Crops since 1970

After four decades, commercial hemp is no longer a controlled substance.

Fighting Poverty in Zanzibar by Feeding School Children

Home Grown School Feeding is fighting to reduce poverty levels in Zanzibar by providing nutritious, locally grown meals to school children.

Crops of the Past—and the Future

Perennials are growing all around us—in fields, forests, and grasslands—creating more substantial yields and more resilient food systems.