Pineland Farms: Magic Happens When Private Funding Meets Family Farming

Over 20 local family farms in Maine supply into Pineland’s three companies (beef, potatoes, and dairy), with profits being reinvested back into the community.

NEW VIDEO: Funding Female Farmers for a Less Hungry World

More investment in women farmers will help alleviate hunger and poverty and will lead to more social justice and empowerment for girls and women.

Feeding America Report Paints a Portrait of Hunger in America

Feeding America released the 2014 Hunger in America report, which examines the characteristics and challenges of households receiving charitable assistance.

Family Farming Down Under

Despite increasing pressure to corporatize, family farming remains the primary source of agricultural production in Australia.

Women Need More Power in Creating a Food System that Works

Leigh Adcock, Executive Director of WFAN, is dedicated to making room for women farmers.

Food Hero: Serena Milano, Protecting Biodiversity and the Livelihoods of Small-Scale Farmers

Serena Milano is protecting traditional food cultures with the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity.

Small Island Developing States Face Unique Development Challenges

Small Island Developing States are becoming the focus of IFAD’s development discussions.

The Food Revolution: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Greater collaboration across the food community is needed for a more healthful future.

Voices of GFAR: Providing Better Extension Services for Family Farmers

A sound agricultural innovation system requires a combination of diverse extension service schemes that mobilize a variety of methods to educate smallholders.

Meat Is Still On the Menu for Environmental Sustainability

How can the livestock industry feed over a billion people while lowering its greenhouse gas emissions?