Good News: Global Food Policy Report Strikes Optimistic Tone

The 2014 – 2015 Global Food Policy Report highlights last year’s the successes and shortcomings in international nutrition and food security.

Building the Resilience of African Rural Communities to Disasters and Crisis

In Africa, agriculture supports the livelihoods of over 800 million people (80 percent of the population), providing employment for around 60 percent of the economically active population and 70 percent of the poorest (around 270 million people). Smallholder farmers, pastoralists…

Helping Farming Thrive in the Hudson Valley

Glynwood operates a number of programs to help farming thrive and ensure its viability in the Hudson Valley region.

Barilla Center Cultivates Next Generation of Food Leaders

Alumni of the BCFN network will gather at the Milan EXPO to launch a youth manifesto.

Rural Town Revamps Economy with Food Jobs: The Viroqua Story

Wisconsin town transforms abandoned industrial building with local food entrepreneurs.

New Toolkit Works To Improve Resilience of Latin American Farmers

A new toolkit for agroecology in Latin America will help small farmers combat climate change in the region.

U.S. Fights Back on Food Waste

The federal government launches a bold plan to reduce food waste by 50 percent.

Laying Waste to Food Waste

The message matters. To reduce waste, campaigns need to become inclusive yet targeted.

Agroecology is Working – But We Need Examples to Inspire Others

More must be done to bring examples to light, and to garner the political support that agroecology deserves and needs.

Farm Aid Celebrates 30 Years of Giving Farmers a Voice

Farm Aid continues to have a lasting impact after 30 years of supporting America’s food producers.

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