Farmer Spotlight: Karen Burwinkel’s Family Farm Started in 1918

Karen Burwinkel works on her family farm in Ross, Ohio, which has been in operation since 1918.

Snout-to-Tail and Farm-to-Table: An Interview with Chef-Owner Duskie Estes

At zazu kitchen + farm in Sebastopol, California, Chef-Owner Duskie Estes features produce and livestock from her own farm.

Taking Control of El Paso Del Norte’s Food Destiny

La Semilla Food Center discusses the seeds they have planted and how the community is working to foster them.

Celebrating World Food Day

Join Food Tank in celebrating World Food Day on October 16, 2015 to combat global hunger.

HungerFree Doubles Up Its Efforts to End Global Hunger

Food Tank sat down with HungerFree’s Paul Newnham to find out more about the growing movement to end global hunger.

To End Poverty, We Must Empower Rural Women

Hailey Tucker of One Acre Fund tells the story of Jeanette, a farmer in Rwanda, Africa.

Exclusive Food Tank Event on the Real Cost of Cheap Food

Food Tank will host an exclusive event in concurrence with the release of a new report on True Cost Accounting.

“Common Market” Offers Innovative Solutions to Fresh Food Distribution Problems

Common Market is solving the distribution problems associated with delivering produce to low-populated areas.

UCSC Sets the Standard for Organic Farming Done Right

UCSC involves students in holistic environment through organic farming.

The Central Ohio Regional Food Council: Promoting Local Food and Sustainable Agriculture

The Central Ohio Regional Food Council brings together agricultural thought leaders to create blueprints for building a better and more sustainable food system.

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