Whole Foods Partnering with Urban Farming Project to Improve Food Security in Chicago Neighborhood

Whole Foods and local organizations are teaming up to bring a new store to Englewood.

Support and Promote the 4‰ Initiative

The French government launched an important initiative that should be supported and promoted – the 4‰ Initiative.

Fighting Hunger with Fruit: The New Orleans Fruit Tree Project

The New Orleans Fruit Tree Project allows fruit tree owners to donate their surplus harvest to feed the hungry.

The Future of Food: 16 Most Exciting Stories for 2016

What’s on the horizon for food and agriculture in 2016? Find out here.

The MINT Standard for Airline Cuisine

Chef Brad Farmerie collaborates with Jet Blue MINT to create a fine dining menu for air travel.

Collaboration is Key to Alaska’s Food Security

The Alaska Food Policy Council is encouraging collaboration in its mission to increase access to healthy, local, and traditional foods.

Campus Kitchen Volunteers Reroute Food Waste

Student volunteers across the U.S. are rerouting food waste from campus cafeterias with the Campus Kitchens Project.

The Global Food Fight: Food Banking Network Helps Alleviate Hunger Worldwide

The Global FoodBanking Network supports new and existing food bank programs around the world.

Improving Access to Food to Energize a City

Through its Urban Food Project, REV Birmingham is working to energize the city and promote economic development in Birmingham.

Juicing Up the Economy with Food Makers and Movers

San Francisco strategy for new food wholesalers and distributors not just a West Coast thing.

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