Food Tank’s Favorite Books of 2015

Food Tank’s favorite books from 2015 include both fresh and familiar titles, and explore topics ranging from ethical meat consumption to global food security.

Ecological Farming Practices Needed To Achieve New Climate Targets

It’s time to support a more ecological paradigm of agricultural intensification.

The Future of the Organic Movement: Organic 3.0

The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements calls for a new phase of the organic movement, termed Organic 3.0.

USDA’s New Farmers Web Tool Provides Resources, Training for Farmers of All Kinds

The USDA’s New Farmers web tool provides new and young farmers, veterans, women in agriculture, and farmers in transition with the necessary tools for success.

Food Services’ Thoughts on the Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21)

Three activist’s thoughts on climate change, COP21, and how the fight for 15, climate change, and black lives matter are all connected.

Can We Eat Meat and Still Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

With the population set to soar, there is a huge opportunity to intervene and bring down greenhouse gas emissions whilst ensuring food and nutrition security.

Arabella’s 12 Good Food Policy Priorities

Arabella Advisors’ Good Food Practice released a list of 12 policy priorities for improving the food system.

Farmer Spotlight: When Farmer Lee Jones Isn’t Farming, He’s Dreaming About Farming

Farmer Jones has been growing microgreens, specialty vegetables, and herbs for chefs for over 30 years.

10 Ways to Celebrate Community Through Food on Terra Madre Day

This December 10th, celebrate Terra Madre Day by supporting local food and the preservation of food traditions.

The ABCs of Nutrition: Food Literacy Center Changes Student Behavior Towards Food

The Food Literacy Center inspires Sacramento kids to eat more fruits and vegetables.

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