New Law Could Change France’s Food System for the Better

French Parliament has voted in favor of a law that could revolutionize their food system.

Bringing More Than Just Food to NYC Neighborhoods

Just Food describes their organization’s efforts to build a stronger, more just food system in NYC.

Women We Love: 25 Influential Women in Food and Agriculture

This list highlights 25 powerful women in food and agriculture across the world.

Livestock Diversity is Crucial for Future Food Security on a Harsher Planet

Modern ways of farming animals are hurting livestock diversity.

Two Birds with One Stone: Fighting Both Food Waste and Hunger is expanding their network to reduce both food waste and hunger.

Understanding food waste, hunger, and climate change with John Mandyck

John Mandyck discusses his new book, connections between climate change, food waste, and hunger, and the role of the cold chain with Food Tank.

Eliminating Toxic Pesticides from Our Food and Environment

Beyond Pesticides is bringing pesticide policy reform to Washington, D.C.

Building a Farmer-Centered Movement for Seed Biodiversity

The Bauta Family Initiative for Canadian Seed Security puts farmers at the center.

10 Farmer Training Programs Helping Veterans Heal

Programs across the country are helping veterans transition to a new, productive life working in food and agriculture.

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