Farmer Spotlight: Jackie Prell Farms With Future Generations in Mind

If she could, Jackie Prell would make all food organically, like it was 100 years ago.

Weighing in on Campus Food Waste

Willamette University organized an event demonstrating campus food waste.

Misguided Dietary Guidelines?

The new Dietary Guidelines disappoint nutrition experts who had hoped for sustainability recommendations.

Youth, Innovation, and the Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out an aspirational vision for more sustainable food systems by 2030.

New Guide Shows How Maize, Rice, and Wheat are Grown to Boost Yields, Reduce Environmental Impact

At the core of FAO’s “Save and Grow” model of agriculture is an ecosystem approach, which capitalizes on natural biological and ecosystem processes.

Leading a Global Mission to Reduce Food Waste

The Postharvest Education Foundation provides innovative programs that motivate and empower people to reduce food waste around the world.

Drought-Resistant White Beans Bring Hope to Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia

Drought in Ethiopia is threatening bean production and the livelihood of smallholder farmers. Food Tank discusses solutions with researchers on the ground.

Pilot Study Finds Diet Management at Food Banks Improves Diabetes among Low-Income Populations

A recent study determined that the targeted management of diabetes and diet among low-income populations at food banks resulted in disease improvement.

Inspiring Young Farmers In Africa: An Interview with Future Young Farmers

Future Young Farmers program coordinator, Sande Olocho, talks about reversing negative agriculture trends in Kenya through youth involvement.

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