Analysis Highlights Countries Leading the Fight Against Food Waste

A study, published in December 2015, compares household food waste generation trends and determinants across 44 countries of various income levels.

Stories from the Farm: Their Favorite Food at Every Meal

A female farmer in Rwanda joined One Acre Farm so she could successfully grow more of her kids’ favorite food: beans.

Changing Livestock Feed Can be Solution to Climate Change

A recent study shows that changing livestock feed could significantly reduce environmental impacts.

17 Farmer Heroes for Sustainability, Equality, and Defense of Traditions

Check out these seventeen farmer heroes who, from poetry to advocacy, are doing more than putting food on our plates.

Action Alert! Keep Organic Growing Stronger!

Please help advance the welfare of organic livestock and poultry by taking action today.

World Fair Trade Day: Fairtrade America Takes Us Inside The World’s Biggest Coffee Break

Mary Linnell-Simmons reflects on the execution of and fulfillment from serving coffee to some of the 30,000 Passport DC visitors.

Feeding Two Birds with One Scone: Copia Re-Routes Food Waste and Alleviates Hunger

Copia, a San Francisco-based organization, uses a tech-savvy business model to address issues of hunger and food distribution.

The Food Innovation Program 2.0 Announces a Food Tank Scholarship

Food Tank community members have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship for the second edition of the Food Innovation Master’s Program.

The Kasiisi Project Harnesses the Power of Human Waste to Cook School Meals

The Kasiisi Project teaches children in rural western Uganda about the importance of caring for the environment with innovative solutions to conservation.

Foodwaze Helps Consumers Connect with Sustainable Food Businesses

Consumers can connect with sustainable food businesses in their community using the Foodwaze app.

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