Interview with Joseph Simcox, The Botanical Explorer

Simcox hopes to preserve food plant species and varieties that are endangered and increase appreciation for biodiversity by collecting and sharing rare seeds.

20 Training Kitchens Cultivating Skills Around the World

These 20 training kitchens are helping youth and adults transform their lives and pursue careers in the culinary world.

From the Ground Up: An Interview with Groundswell International

Steve Brescia of Groundswell International shares impact, strategies, and innovation of international farmers.

Record-Breaking Growth of Organic Industry

The increase in consumer demand for organic products is growing faster than the supply chain can manage.

Migrant Justice\’92s Milk With Dignity Program Fights for Fair Labor in Vermont

Migrant Justice is organizing farmworkers across Vermont to ensure fair labor standards and fight for Milk with Dignity.

Philadelphia Soda Tax: A Sweet Plan to Fund City Programs

Mayor Kenney has devised an innovative plan to raise money to combat poverty in Philadelphia.

How the Philippines is Using a Robot to Plan for Natural Disasters

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization embarked on a drone initiative with the Philippine government to reduce disaster risk in the agriculture sector.

AgroGeneration Event Brings Food Leaders Back to Italy

AgroGeneration is a week-long event that will bring food leaders back to Italy to explore what technology has to offer the future of agriculture.

59 Organizations Fighting Food Loss and Waste

These 59 global organizations are taking serious measures to reduce food waste.

Feeding Children When School Meals End for Summer Vacation

Feeding America is working to expand summer food access among low-income children.

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