New WHO report calls for action against harmful online food marketing

Lack of effective digital marketing regulation threatens efforts to halt child obesity, according to the new WHO report.

An Interview with Dr. Adam Drewnowski, Obesity and Health Disparities Researcher

Dr. Adam Drewnowski, Director of the Center for Public Health Nutrition at the University of Washington’s School of Public Health, has researched the relationship between climate change and obesity. He spoke with Food tank about this relationship.

7 Tips to a Food Waste-Free Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, one of the best ways to be grateful for what you have is to avoid wasting it. Here are tips for a waste-free holiday.

Something’s Fishy about Seafood Labels

Watchdog Oceana released a report that found mislabeling on 58 percent of seafood in the U.S. This fall, Google, Oceana, and SkyTech are teaming up to launch the Global Fishing Watch program to fight illegal fishing and mislabeling.

Chicago, We Can Change the Food System — The 2016 Food Tank Summit!

Thank you to speakers, sponsors, and attendees of the 2016 Chicago Food Tank Summit! Click here to watch the full summit stream.

Food Insecurity in Haiti After Hurricane Matthew

Haiti’s agriculture sector sent reeling after Hurricane Matthew

20 Organizations Fighting For Food Justice

Discover folks around the world fighting for food justice in their own communities and across borders.

Healing the Homeless with Grow Good

Grow Good’s mission statement greets visitors.

Grassroots Community Initiatives Revitalize Tucson’s Food Economy

One of the hardest hit cities of the 2008 recession, Tucson is experiencing an economic recovery thanks in large part to a thriving food scene.

The Brownsville Project Brings Change to the Brownsville Food Landscape

Brownsville Project provides education, training, jobs, and healthy and locally-sourced food for one New York City neighborhood.