Nichole Cirillo: Food has the power to unite across differences and generations

Nichole Cirillo talks accountability in our food system, why reconnecting to our food supply might be the biggest advantage we can give our food system, and how one simple diet change can have far-reaching impacts.

Keri Glassman: To Fix the Food System, Increase Real Food Transparency

Keri Glassman talks about her lifelong passion for food and nutrition and how she instills that interest in others through nutrition education and helping people to make small shifts in their diet that lead to long-term health.

Michel Nischan: “Make produce affordable, and people will add more to their lives”

Michel Nishan talks about his multifaceted approach to food system change; his approach? Tear down barriers and create meaningful food policy that benefit low-incomes families so that they are able to provide healthy, fresh foods to their families. If they can afford it, they will buy it.

Applications for 3rd Organic Farming Innovation Awards Are Open

Organic agriculture needs innovation and creativity to bring itself into mainstream agriculture sector and improve the overall sustainability of agriculture sector.

Food System Leaders Gather in Brooklyn to Benefit Change Food

Fifty-five attendees gathered for a mini-gala dinner on March 27 to raise money for Change Food, an organization which strives to create a healthy food system for all.

Lindsey Shute: “Agriculture is the wealth of the nation”

Lindsey Lusher Shute, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the National Young Farmers Coalition, is speaking at the inaugural Boston Food Tank Summit, “Investing in Discovery,” on April 1, 2017.

Danielle Nierenberg’s Conversation with Modern Farmer

Danielle’s interview on Modern Farmer discusses her hopes for the next farm bill, mainstream media’s portrayal of the food system, and Food Tank’s Summits as a means for facilitating uncomfortable conversations which drive food system change.

The Regeneration Hub: Mapping the Regeneration Movement

Regeneration International, Open Team and 17 other organizations leading the regenerative food and farming movement launched The Regeneration Hub, a platform that aims to accelerate the regeneration movement by encouraging collaboration among groups and individuals focused on regenerative projects.

U.S. Farmers Fear Shift in Mexican Corn Imports

Mexican officials and business groups are shifting the conversation around trade to highlight U.S. dependence on Mexican imports. A proposed bill hopes to shift Mexican corn imports away from the U.S. and business groups are following suit. Mexico is the largest importer of U.S. corn, sparking concern in corn-producing states of the potential economic backlash.

Boston Herald’s Lindsay Kalter: Put the Food System on the Next Generation’s Radar

Lindsay Kalter, Health Care Reporter at the Boston Herald, is speaking at the inaugural Boston Food Tank Summit, “Investing in Discovery,” which will be held in collaboration with Tufts University and Oxfam America on April 1, 2017.

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