Four Earth Day Campaigns Inciting Action Around the Globe

The Earth Day Network spells out national and global campaigns for changing the food system and lowering your environmental impact.

Earth Day Video Premiere: “There Will Come a Day”

Amanda Homi’s new Earth Day-themed music video exclusively premieres on Food Tank.

When Climate Change Was Part of the Farm Bill

Last month, Congress held initial hearings to inform the 2018 Farm Bill. Agriculture Committee members heard about the struggling farm economy, crop insurance, and rural development. One issue that wasn’t discussed, despite its profound impact on farmers, is climate change. Both Republican…

Building Resilient Rural Livelihoods is Key to Helping Yemen

More than 17 million people around Yemen’s rugged landscape are acutely food insecure, and the figure is likely to increase as the ongoing conflict continues to erode the ability to grow, import, distribute, and pay for food.

FAO Family Farming Platform Seeks an Informed Policy Debate

Food Tank speaks with Francesco Pierri, Head of the U.N. Food And Agriculture Organization (FAO) Advocacy Unit, about the Family Farming Knowledge Platform. This online platform seeks to collect information on international, regional, and national regulations and laws that are relevant to family farmers around the world.

Six Ways to Get Paid for Innovative Food Ideas

Young people working on great ideas relating to agricultural sustainability have the opportunity to earn some money by submitting applications to six competitions spotlighted by Food Tank.

ReFED Launches New Tools to Combat Food Waste

ReFED has just launched two new tools, Policy Finder and Innovator Database, to help businesses, foundations, investors, and governments tackle the food waste problem more efficiently and effectively.

Seeds of Climate Resilience in Mozambique

U.S. President Donald Trump may still deny the harsh realities of climate change, but no one in southern Mozambique has any doubts. They don’t have much food either.

Meals on Wheels SF and the Impact of Budget Cuts

Food Tank speaks with Karl Robillard, Director of Marketing and Communications for Meals on Wheels San Francisco, about the proposed federal budget cuts, the ensuing media frenzy, and what it means for the crucial services they provide to seniors in the community.

International Day of Peasants’ Struggles 2017

Food sovereignty movement, La Via Campesina, honors small food producers with 21st annual International Day of Peasants’ Struggles on April 17, 2017.

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