Saving Lives and Livelihoods

Hunger weakens people to the extent that they cannot fight off even the simplest illness—a common cold can become a death sentence. In South Sudan, this is happening right now.

The Food Sustainability Index: Fostering the Global Shift Towards a More Sustainable Food System

The Food Sustainability Index (FSI) assesses how different areas of the food system and its stakeholders are moving towards a more sustainable direction.

Los Poblanos: Southwest Model Organic Farm

A historic inn and farm in arid New Mexico adopts organic and sustainable practices.

The Compost Story, Brought to You By Kiss the Ground

On May 7, 2017, Kiss the Ground released The Compost Story, a short film about how composting can transform the planet by reducing landfills and improving the health of soils everywhere.

The Impact of a Sociable School Meal

A social meal could be just what elementary and secondary schools need in order to promote learning opportunities during lunch, says Gurpinder Singh Lalli.

F2F Training Enables Myanmar Farmers to Increase Production and Access New Markets

The F2F Program is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and leverages the expertise of skilled U.S. volunteers to increase agriculture sector productivity and profitability, and strengthen agricultural sector institutions.

Harvard Law Report: Food Waste Reduction Ripe For 2018 Farm Bill

Harvard Law report states that Congress could prioritize the issue of food waste through the 2018 Farm Bill, and in turn minimize environmental impact of waste in landfills, create jobs, and redistribute unused food to the hungry.

Grilling a Greener Burger at your Summer BBQ

Launch your grilling season with a better burger that’s healthier, more environmentally friendly, and supports your local farmers and ranchers.

Food Tank’s Summer Reading List: 17 Books to Beat the Heat

Food Tank has compiled 17 books for food lovers of all kinds to enjoy the summer with some fresh reading materials. From issues like climate change and hunger, all the way to permaculture and the power of worms, this list features key voices and ideas in food today.

The World’s Smallest Garden is Created in New York City

Nate Littlewood and Rob Elliott have created The World’s Smallest Garden, a device which turns an empty bottle into a hydroponic garden. After meeting at Columbia University in early 2016, the co-founders combined their skills in business and food growing…

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