AgFunder Builds a 30k Member Food and Agtech Ecosystem to Fund New Technologies

AgFunder is a comprehensive online investment marketplace. Utilizing this platform allows venture capitalists to invest in new technologies and agricultural companies to seek out investors who back their product.

Paul Lebeau on Home Milling, the Grain Revival, and the Mill Man, Wolfgang Mock

Food Tank sat down with Paul Lebeau of Wolfgang Mock to discuss home milling, its benefits, and the passion driving their work.

Deadline Approaching for Food Sustainability Media Award Applications

Applications are now open for the Food Sustainability Media Award, which aims increase the public’s awareness of food sustainability issues worldwide, find solutions, and encourage action. Launched by the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition (BCFN) and the Thomson Reuters…

Sustainable Coffee Challenge: Making Coffee the First Sustainable Agricultural Product

The Sustainable Coffee Challenge spearheaded by Conservation International just announced the first four Collective Action Networks working to make coffee the first sustainable agricultural product in the world.

BlueCart Uses Efficient Supply Chains to Cut Food Waste

Food Tank spoke with Konstantin Zvereff and Jag Bansal, the co-founders of BlueCart, to talk about this mobile and web-based platform for wholesale food purchase. After noticing that their users were leveraging supply chain efficiency to reduce their own food waste, BlueCart has launched an initiative called Zero Waste Kitchen to promote sustainable practices in the kitchen.

SF-Marin Food Bank: “We Can Do Better”

Teri Olle, Policy and Advocacy Director at SF-Marin Food Bank, emphasizes the importance of collaboration in order to end food insecurity and hunger in San Francisco and Marin County, where 1 in 4 residents need food assistance.

Maker Faire Bay Area: Engaging All Ages in Food Innovation

Food Tank spoke with Chiara Checchini of the Food Future Institute about the upcoming Maker Faire Bay Area event. This interactive event brings together fifteen food entrepreneurs to give attendees a hands on experience with food innovation. This family-friendly event is designed to engage attendees of all ages in the creative solutions to major challenges in the food system.

Land and the Right to Food in Zambia: U.N. Envoy Urges Shifts Away from Large-Scale Projects

With nearly four-fifths of rural Zambians living in poverty and 40 percent of children—more than one million—suffering stunted growth from malnutrition, Zambia has become one of Africa’s most impoverished countries.

Research Raises Concerns for Pregnancy Complications from Pesticide Exposure

Researchers discover a correlation between glyphosate pesticide exposure during pregnancy and complications including low birth weight, raising another health concern for the world’s most commonly used and increasingly controversial pesticide.

New Crowdfunding Platform to Connect Funders and Small Farmers

Alexandra Groome is on the coordination team of Regeneration International, a project of the Organic Consumers Association. She launched The Regeneration Hub with Scott Funkhouser during the 2016 Climate Summit in Marrakech, Morocco. Our food system is broken, and it’s…

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