The System of Rice Intensification’s Role in Hunger, Climate Change, and Communities

Norman Uphoff is the Senior Advisor for the SRI International Network and Resources Center (SRI-Rice), a program at Cornell University engaged with the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), which is a climate-smart, yield-increasing agriculture methodology that is being utilized by…

The Seeds&Chips Global Food Innovation Summit Kicks Off in Milan, Italy

Seeds&Chips, the Global Food Innovation Summit, has begun with a discussion about Millennials. Former President Obama will speak tomorrow.

BCFN Alumni Series: Michele Pedrotti Shares His Inspiration and Innovations

Michele Pedrotti, BCFN Yes! Competition 2014 finalist and Geographic Representative of BCFN Alumni Network for Europe, speaks about his deep passion for food and how Sensory Science can help tackle food waste.

Program Your Own Garden with Seedsheet

These gardens come preloaded with your favorite meals

First Food Authors on Food Habits in the Changing Dietary Landscape of India

Sunita Narain and Vibha Varshney talk about the new book, First Food: Culture of Taste, the importance of local and seasonal food in creating a healthy and diverse diet, and the need to challenge the junk food culture.

Nonprofit Promotes Healthier Lifestyle by Decreasing Meat Consumption

The Reducetarian Foundation hopes to unite vegans, vegetarians, and everyone willing to decrease the amount of meat they eat, in order to improve health, the planet, and animal welfare.

Eat Pasta and Pulses as Part of a Sustainable Diet

The type of food we choose to eat determines a large part of our personal carbon footprint. With a long shelf life, pasta helps reduce the amount of food that is thrown away by serving as a base for vegetables…

School Food Gets a Makeover with Meal Preparation Company Solo Fresco

Food Tank speaks with Karl Robillard, Director of Marketing and Communications for Meals on Wheels San Francisco, about the proposed federal budget cuts, the ensuing media frenzy, and what it means for the crucial services they provide to seniors in the community.

Seeds&Chips Global Food Innovation Summit 2017: Get 20-Percent off Tickets

The 2017 Seeds&Chips Global Food Innovation Summit will bring together hundreds of business leaders, academics, investors, policymakers, and agricultural experts to discuss innovation from farm to table, where food and technology meet, in Milano, Italy, from May 8 to 11, 2017. The Summit…

Interview With Feedback Founder Tristram Stuart

Tristram Stuart and his organization Feedback are raising awareness about food waste, and making some delicious food along the way

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