MicroGen Biotech: Tackling Pollutants in Soil

Food Tank speaks with Dr. Xuemei Germaine, founder of MicroGen Biotech, about the microbial products they are developing to increase crop yields, improve the crop safety, and promote soil health. MicroGen is working to address the health risks of soil pollutants through their patented platform technology.

September 14: Join Food Tank for a Free Dance Fitness Experience

Food Tank is sponsoring a free dance fitness experience in conjunction with the NYC Parks Department called Garjana at Washington Square Park. Garjana is a one-hour experience led by five Broadway performers, with original music, and innovative props.

Diplomatic Tussle in Gulf Creates Food Insecurity

Following the severance of diplomatic relations with its’ Gulf neighbors, the small nation of Qatar experiences increased consumer panic and food insecurity. As relations continue to worsen, food insecurity will only rise.

Red Palm Weevil: A Pest Damaging the Livelihoods of Date Producers

Tunis, Tunisia – Treatment against Red Palm Weevil in the streets of Tunis, 2013. ©FAO/Daniel Beaumont  Red Palm Weevil (RPW) is a key pest of palms originating from South and South East Asian Countries that has significantly expanded its geographical…

Carlotta Mast on Food Access, Industry Collaboration, and Food System Change at Esca Bona 2017

Carlotta Mast, Executive Director of Content and Insights at New Hope Network, discusses food access, food system change, and the importance of industry collaboration in preparation for Esca Bona 2017 in October.

Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Releases Second Food Sustainability Report

The report is titled “Environmental, Food and Migration Sustainability: Three Challenges To Overcome Together.” It is a joint effort between BCFN and the Milan Center for Food Law and Policy, aimed at raising awareness about crucial issues surrounding food and sustainability.

20 Cookbooks For a Better Food System

Food Tank has selected 20 cookbooks that reflect a growing and transforming food system.

Food Tank’s Sold-Out NYC Summit on Food Waste

Food Tank, in partnership with Rethink Food Waste Through Economics and Data (ReFED) and with support from The Rockefeller Foundation and The Fink Family Foundation, will present a one-day summit on September 13, 2017, at the WNYC Greene Space in New York City.

Focus on Food: A Conversation with Congressman Dwight Evans

Congressman Dwight Evans of Pennsylvania details his work on food security in America and the importance of strong food policy both domestically and internationally in a conversation with Food Tank.

AI-Powered Food Computers Designing New Ways of Growing Crops

Researchers at OpenAg have developed a series of personal food computers, which are different-sized controlled growing environments that collect thousands of data points on the crops growing inside of them.