Partnership Aims to Train Needed Organic Seed Farmers

A first-of-its-kind educational partnership between the Organic Seed Alliance and the Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture is stepping up to train hundreds of new seed growers in organic production.

Climate Change Could Kill off Ethiopian Coffee within 70 Years

Warmer temperatures and long droughts might make caffeine harder to come by. The effects of climate change could cause Arabica coffee to be extinct in Ethiopia by 2080.

A Different Type of Union: Indigenous Farm Workers Land New Contract

First New Farm Union in Half-Century signs labor contract to improve wages and working conditions.

Watch: Danielle Nierenberg on Outliers in Global Impact—Ingredients for Success

Danielle Nierenberg spoke on Outliers in Global Impact, a fast-paced panel discussion at the Stockholm EAT Forum 2017. The session was followed by an interactive question-and-answer session moderated by Dr. Alessandro Demaio. Panelists included Dr. Florence Egal, Tristram Stuart, Danielle Nierenberg,…

Twenty Seed-Saving Initiatives Preserving Biodiversity Around the World

These 20 initiatives across the world are preserving seed biodiversity for future generations.

How Using Light Could Help Reduce Bycatch

Fish species differ greatly in their reactions to light. U.K.-based start-up SafetyNet Technologies is applying this theory to the problem of bycatch. PISCES is a light-emitting device that fits existing nets and helps fishermen target species.

Africa Needs Better Farm Policy—Not Better Farmers

I’ve recently spent several weeks in Malawi, and for about 15 years I have been working with colleagues on measuring the impacts of agricultural input use in Africa. With American budget cuts looming, I spent some of my time overseas…

Barnraiser Takes the Farmers’ Market Experience Online

Barnraiser, the company responsible for the “kickstarter for food,” is launching a new community-building tool powered by machine learning. Over 40,000 members have already signed up.

Monsanto Faces Labor Law Violations Class Action Suit

Seed-corn workers brought a first of its kind class action suit against seed giant Monsanto for violations to two federal labor laws the day after the release of a two-year investigation into labor violations in the seed-corn industry.

Insights from Tracking Promises: Guatemala

Malnutrition levels comparable to Malawi, hazard risk exposure greater than Haiti, and lower-middle-income status. These perplexing conditions mark the country of Guatemala, the wealthiest country served by the U.S. government’s global hunger and food security initiative Feed the Future.

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