Did Monsanto Write Malawi’s Seed Policy?

Malawi’s new draft seed policy, crafted in part by a Monsanto official, defines ‘seed’ as one that is quality certified, overriding the common cultural understanding of the term seed, and preventing local farmers from selling or displaying farm-saved seed at local seed fairs.

Emily Bachman: “What does it mean to throw something away?”

Emily Bachman challenges us to think about what it actually means to throw something away. Where is “away” and how does our waste get there? What does “away” look, smell, and feel like, now and in the future?

Healthy Food: the New Nextdoor Neighbor

Young Female Farmers Mobile Produce uses food to unify communities, cutting across age, income, and cultural differences.

Fast Company’s Eillie Anzilotti: “We rely entirely too much on meat”

Eillie Anzilotti writes about issues in the hopes of bringing them to light, helping her readers understand what other people experience in their day-to-day lives.

Farm Aid’s 2017 Concert on September 16 Features Willie Nelson, Jack Johnson

This benefit concert features an amazing lineup and proceeds go to helping small family farms in America

Lynette Johnson: It is our responsibility to share with those in need

Lynnette Johnson talks about the influences that shaped her views on the food system and the incorrect characterization that Earth’s resources are a zero sum game.

Sealed Air’s Karl Deily: “Work hard, be humble, and never forget your roots”

Karl Deily, President and Executive Office of Food Care, Sealed Air’s food and beverage packing business, explains the science behind food packaging and the research that goes into protecting and merchandising food products.

Joan Briggs: “Food is the most powerful access point to social change”

Joan Briggs describes food as an incredibly powerful tool to address systemic problems in our society because everyone needs to eat.

Amazon-Whole Foods Deal Could Mean Prime Waste

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods has the potential to have a ripple effect across the grocery industry, affecting our food chain from farm to landfill. And one big area this new partnership could shape is combating wasted food.

Jocelyn Zuckerman: “The most important topic is the health of the planet.”

Jocelyn Zuckerman talks about those who have inspired her career in journalism, and how she passes on her passion to consumers, compelling them to fight for food system change.