Opening Remarks: Joan Briggs, Executive Director, The Fink Family Foundation (2017 Food Tank NYC Summit)

Opening Remarks by Joan Briggs, Executive Director, The Fink Family Foundation

Seven New York Chefs Celebrating African Culture and Cooking

African Chefs who will participate in NYC African Restaurant week discuss their upbringing, influences on their cuisine, and how they address sustainability.

16 Organizations Fighting the Global Hunger Increase

The U.N. released a new report showing a five percent increase in global hunger despite eradication efforts. These organizations are using regenerative agriculture and agroecology to fight back.

Remembering Gus Schumacher: Farm Hero and Food Justice Advocate

Gus Schumacher, food justice advocate and farmers market proponent, passed away at age 77.

U.N. Report Global Hunger Report Highlights Need for “Conflict-Sensitive Approach”

A new United Nations collaborative report finds global hunger, exacerbated by conflict and climate crises around the world, is on the rise.

Tutwiler: “Agrobiodiversity holds the key to future food security”

Ann Tutwiler discusses report from Bioversity International on connections between agrobiodiversity and nutrition, sustainability, food security, conservation, and resilience.

Interactive Toolkits Unpack the Histories of Pesticides

A team of researchers with the Children’s Environmental Health Network (CEHN) has created a series of interactive educational tools to explore the histories of widely-used pesticides, including glyphosate, dicamba, and 2,4-D.

After Hurricane Maria, Long-Term Recovery Efforts Are Crucial

Hurricane Maria is the strongest storm to hit Puerto Rico in almost a century. Major flooding, landslides, and a completely decimated power grid means long-term recovery efforts are crucial.

Free the Seed: An Open Source Approach to Food Crop Seed

Inspired by the free and open source software movement that has provided alternatives to proprietary software, the Open Source Seed Initiative was created to ‘free the seed’—to make sure that at least some crop genetic diversity cannot be locked away from use by intellectual property rights.

Herbicide Dicamba Can Stay Volatile for 36 Hours, Arkansas Researchers Say

Farmers in nearly a dozen states are complaining about dicamba, the primary ingredient of a new Monsanto herbicide, blowing into their fields and allegedly ruining their crops.

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