New Orleans Chefs Challenged to Create School Lunches for US$1.25

On September 29, 2017, the Chef Ann Foundation is bringing a Celebrity Chef Edition of The Real School Food Challenge to New Orleans. The organizers will be challenging a group of New Orleans’ most prominent chefs to create healthy school lunch recipes for just US$1.25 per meal.

Youth Farming Program Seeks Executive Director in New Orleans

Grow Dat Youth Farm promotes youth leadership, food justice, and sustainability.

Conservationist Danielle Fox: Without Monarch Butterflies, “We Really Are in Bad Shape”

Food Tank spoke with Danielle Fox, the community conservationist for the city of Columbia, Missouri, to get her take on what we can do to save monarch butterflies and why it’s worth doing.

Mindfully Meeting the Food Waste Challenge to Improve Nutrition for Plants and People

The Food and Health Lab discusses their research which challenges institutions, consumers, and food producers to mindfully reduce food waste to improve nutrition for plants and people.

Leaders Gather to Develop Sustainable Solutions in Asia-Pacific

EAT Foundation holds Asia-Pacific Food Forum in Indonesia to discuss sustainability, health, food systems, agriculture, and how to achieve the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals in the most populous region of the world.

Sowing the Seeds for Agriprenurship in Northwest Cambodia

Focus-group discussions with secondary school students sowing the seeds for sustainable agriculture and rural entrepreneurship in Northwest Cambodia

Project Green Challenge 2016 Finalist Hannah Watts

Project Green Challenge 2016 finalist Hannah Watts speaks about her life changing experience and her transition from a conventional consumer to a conscious consumer and global citizen.

Smart Kitchen Summit Explores the Future of Food, Cooking, and the Kitchen

The third annual Smart Kitchen Summit will be held on October 10 and 11, 2017, in Seattle, Washington. The Summit aims to gather leaders in the home appliance, culinary, grocery, smart home, and technology industries to discuss the future of food, cooking, and the kitchen. 

Uniting Chefs, Eaters, and Plant Breeders: The 2017 Variety Showcase

The Culinary Breeding Network will bring together 500 chefs, plant breeders, and others in Portland, OR in October to share, discover, and taste new vegetables and grain cultivars that make for culinary excellence

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Listed in The New York Times as one of the top things to do in New York City, the new dance workout fitness experience called Garjana will feature speakers, dance performances, and all-original music.

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