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Peter Rabbit Joins the Campaign to “Save The Food”

The Save The Food campaign has released a public service announcement on food waste featuring the animated character Peter Rabbit.

“Hi, I’m Peter,” says the voice of James Corden as the animated character Peter Rabbit in a recent public service announcement by the Ad Council and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). “There’s nothing I love more than sharing vegetables with my friends. That’s why we give our food the utmost respect it deserves.” With the February 9 opening of the movie “Peter Rabbit” rapidly approaching, the Save The Food campaign has found an adorable ally.

The PSA shows Peter Rabbit and his friends scampering through a lush garden, harvesting and munching on fruits and vegetables. The narration urges viewers to “Cook it. Store it. Even share it. Just don’t waste it.” The video also refers viewers to, where visitors can find facts, tips, and tools to help them reduce their food waste at home.

The Peter Rabbit PSA, while fun and upbeat, highlights a serious global issue. The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that, worldwide, about one-third of human food produced annually is lost or wasted, and that over 40 percent of food waste in industrialized countries is by consumers and retailers. The FAO further points out that wasting food also wastes the labor and resources that went into its production, and that “the greenhouse gas emissions caused by production of food that gets lost or wasted are also emissions in vain.”

To help address the issue of household food waste, The Ad Council and NRDC launched the Save The Food campaign in 2016 at the 2nd Annual Washington, D.C. Food Tank Summit. According to Ad Council President and CEO Lisa Sherman, “Altering consumer awareness and perception around the issue of food waste could have significant environmental, social, and economic impact on our country.” “When it comes to food,” adds Peter Rabbit, the campaign’s new furry friend, “Better ate than never.”


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