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Alanna Wittet is a sustainability enthusiast with a keen interest in sustainable food systems and community development. She studied Environmental Studies at Franklin & Marshall College and has most recently been furthering her education by experiencing the world through various nomadic travels. Feel free to follow her adventures on Instagram: ehwittet

The Future of Food is in Cooperatives

Food Tank had the opportunity to speak with Narendra Varma, founder of Our Table Cooperative, a multi-stakeholder cooperative located in Sherwood, Oregon. Our Table has 58 acres of farmland, a grocery, and numerous farm-based educational opportunities, and the organization incorporates the…

Carbon Farming for the Individual

Carbon farming is not just limited to farmers. Individuals can help reduce atmospheric carbon and improve soil quality by carbon gardening.

Ten Celebrities Advocating for a More Sustainable Food System

These 11 celebrities are using their name, audience, and dollars to draw attention to issue areas within the global food system.

Sixteen Noteworthy Food Moments in 2016

From food policies that address food security and food waste, to innovative quantitative technologies, to the celebration of young food leaders, 2016 has had many a noteworthy food moment thus far.

Food Sustainability Media Award to Highlight Food System Paradoxes, Propose Solutions

BCFN and the Thomson Reuters Foundation launched a Food Sustainability Media Award to recognize exceptional professional and up and coming storytellers in written, photo, and video.

One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts focuses on regenerative farming

As a re-generational farmer Will Harris manages a living ecosystem centered on sustainability, animal welfare, and humane agricultural and environmental stewardship.

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