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Seven European Initiatives Empowering Women

These seven initiatives across Europe are working to protect gender equality and empower women.

FAO Announces New Voices of the Hungry Project

FAO announces new Voices of the Hungry Project to monitor global food insecurity and hunger from the individual’s perspective.

EU-wide testing reveals Low Levels of Phenylbutazone in Horse Meat

Low levels of the veterinary drug, Phenylbutazone, were found in horse carcasses across the European Union.

BCFN YES! 2012 Finalist Profile: Wahyu Wijaya

BCFN YES! finalist, Wahyu Wijaya’s seeks a process to turn microalgae into a food ingredient high in nutrition and low on environmental impact.

Slow Fish Event: The Sea Belongs to Everyone

Genoa, Italy’s Porto Antico will host the sixth bi-annual Slow Fish event from May 9th -12th to raise awareness about the sea and promote good, clean and fair f

BCFN YES! 2012 Finalist Profile: Katarzyna Dembska

BCFN YES! Finalist, Katarzyna Dembska’s project shows that consuming less animal protein in one’s diet is a boon for water resource conservation.

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