Eden Kinkaid
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Eden is a passionate advocate of local, organic, and sustainable food systems. Her background includes studies in systems theory, human geography, permaculture, soil ecology, anthropology, plant biology, development studies, and social theory. Eden will be beginning her graduate studies in Human Geography in the fall of 2015. Her research focuses on agricultural change, food sovereignty, and food movements as viewed through the lenses of postmodern social theory.

In 2013, Eden graduated from Ohio University’s Honors Tutorial College with a B.S. in Environmental and Plant Biology, a minor in Anthropology, and an Environmental Studies certificate. After completing her undergraduate degree, she received a Fulbright U.S. Student Award to undertake an original research project in Dehradun, India. She spent ten months at Navdanya’s Bija Vidyapeeth – a model organic farm, learning community, and biodiversity conservation center – learning about farmers’ experiences of agricultural change.

Eden has also been involved in various projects relating to food and sustainability in her native Ohio. While completing her undergraduate degree, she interned with local nonprofits working to promote food security, community gardening, traditional foodways, and seed saving. She was also involved in efforts to incorporate sustainability themes into Ohio University curricula and participated in the development of Ohio University’s Climate Action Plan. Eden currently serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Hummingbird project, an international nonprofit organization committed to promoting heirloom seeds, healthy soils, and vibrant communities.

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