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Sign Food Tank’s Petition to Support a Tax on Harmful Sugary Drinks

The SWEET Act is a bill aimed to limit the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages by taxing each ounce of added sugar.

Researchers Find an Area the Size of the EU is Cultivated in Urban Areas Around the World

A recent study documents the extent of urban and peri-urban croplands around the world and what resources those farms consume.

Women Feeding the World: Planet Forward Salon Searches for Solutions

The Planet Forward salon on Wednesday brought together experts, decision makers, and students to address the inequities faced by women in agriculture.

Women Feeding the World: Planet Forward to Host a Salon on Women in Agriculture

Planet Forward will host a salon discussing the role of women in agriculture and why women are disproportionately affected by climate change.

When Food is Dangerous: Bush Meat and Ebola

Vice News video covers the relationship between people, monkeys, and Ebola in Liberia.

The Last Hunger Season Film Series and the Importance of Family Farming

The Last Hunger Season Film Series profiles the struggles and successes of family farmers in Kenya.

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