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Will Climate Change and Increasing Production Costs Threaten the Dominance of Corn?

Even in the face of a gradually warming Corn Belt, farmland is growing more expensive. The costs and prices of corn can no longer be kept artificially low by go

Financial Giants Profiting from Food Crises through Food Speculation

Food speculation is driven by the rising and falling of the price of food item commodities.

Agriculture- and Nutrition-Based Initiatives that Empower Rural Adolescent Girls

Highlighting several initiatives in agriculture and nutrition to empower young women in rural economies

Aquaculture: The New Source of Seafood in 2013

Aquaculture has the potential to increase incomes, reduce malnutrition, and protect wild fish populations in developing regions.

Are Earth Markets the New Farmers’ Markets?

Producers who sell their goods in Earth Markets are smallholder and artisan farmers who are committed to charging reasonable prices for their products and engaging in fair labor treatment practices.

Climate Change Has Severe Implications for the Future of Agriculture

The significant heat increase this past year has caused severe damage to crops across the world, and illustrates how climate change will likely have serious ramifications for agriculture on a global level.

Ethiopian Land Reform Fostering Gender Equality and Economic Productivity

The Ethiopian government has taken enormous steps in the past decade to protect a woman’s right to land ownership in the interest of bolstering national productivity

Creative data and app-based initiatives for resolving hunger

Projects that connect current technology and social entrepreneurship to fight hunger

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