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Jared Kaufman is Food Tank’s newsletter manager and a Minneapolis-based food journalist and cheesemonger. He holds a master’s degree in food studies from Boston University’s gastronomy program, where his thesis research focused on the sociology of kids’ menus, and a magazine journalism degree from the University of Missouri. Follow him on Twitter @jaredography / email: jared@foodtank.com

Sombra Mezcal Founder Richard Betts on Balancing Tradition with Sustainability

Richard Betts, founder of the sustainable Sombra Mezcal distillery: “Food and drink unite and enliven us, and mezcal is an especially exuberant spirit.”

How Food Policy Could Be Shaped by the Trump Administration

President Trump’s budget proposal cuts SNAP and farmers’ insurance, and he’s talked about rolling back federal regulations. Food Tank talked to experts to figure out what effect the Trump Administration might have on federal food policy.

Listen: Danielle Nierenberg on the Real Reason for Our Disconnect with Food

Danielle Nierenberg talks about why corporatization is bigger than “Big Ag” on this week’s International Food Policy Research Institute’s Nourishing Millions podcast.

Climate Change Could Kill off Ethiopian Coffee within 70 Years

Warmer temperatures and long droughts might make caffeine harder to come by. The effects of climate change could cause Arabica coffee to be extinct in Ethiopia by 2080.