José Graziano da Silva
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José Graziano da Silva is the Director-General of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). José Graziano da Silva has worked on food security, rural development, and agriculture issues for over 30 years, most notably as the architect of Brazil’s Zero Hunger (Fome Zero) program and now as the Director-General of FAO. Since assuming his mandate as FAO Director-General in 2012, he has spearheaded major transformational changes within the Organization. These reforms have entailed refocusing FAO’s work, reinforcing its institutional capacities, strengthening partnerships with civil society, private sector and academia and boosting FAO's support for South-South Cooperation. His efforts have resulted in best value for money for the Organization and its partners.

Mapping the Way to Zero Hunger

A world without hunger is not a dream, but something we can make real.

Feeding a Warmer, Riskier World

Mother nature can be rough – and she’s getting rougher as our planet’s climate changes.

Improving Food Governance to Break Violence and Hunger’s Vicious Cycle

Rehabilitation of agriculture is a central condition for development, reducing poverty, preventing environmental destruction, and for reducing violence.

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