Katherine Walla
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    Katherine Walla is a Research & Writing Fellow with Food Tank. She is currently a student at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service studying food justice and global hunger. Katherine has worked with nonprofit institutions and student organizations related to international affairs and social justice.

    Farming Mentorships Key to Cultivating Next Generation and Beyond

    Niman Ranch farmer Steve Howe is continuing generations of pig raising, treating pigs humanely and with love.

    On Rise and Root Farm, “We’re Rooted Into Food and Social Justice”

    Karen Washington wants people to imagine a new face for American farmers: the workers on farms who produce the world’s food yet often face discrimination and food insecurity.

    “Doing It Better” Is a Brennan Tradition in New Orleans

    Food Tank’s first podcast features Dickie Brennan, a world-famous restaurateur, and his unique story combining traditional and modern techniques for elevating Creole food in New Orleans.

    Climate Smart Agriculture Techniques Spread Beyond Senegal with New Regional Center

    CERAAS earned Regional Center of Excellence recognition for its research on adapting dry cereals to drought conditions and its plans to expand into the rest of West and Central Africa.

    Farming Sustainably “Is a Responsibility Not to Be Taken Lightly”

    Adair Crowe describes his love for farming, his responsibility to promote sustainability, and his changing community around Crowe Family Farms.

    Sustainable Gardening Benefits Environment, Gardeners, and Consumers: Interview with Shane Tippett

    A creative partnership between Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and Kroger brings sustainable, organic gardening methods and hunger relief to a community in need.

    Pioneers of Nutrition Win 2018 World Food Prize

    2018 World Food Prize Laureates Drs. Lawrence Haddad and David Nabarro lead in unifying global nutrition efforts and reducing child malnutrition during the first 1,000 days of a child’s life.

    Aspiring Farmers: “Don’t Be Afraid to Think Outside the Box.”

    Ron Mardesen describes his family’s story, his changing community, and his vision for the future of A Frame Acres – led by the next generation.

    Apeel Sciences & Costco Team Up to Fight Food Waste

    A new partnership between Apeel Sciences and Costco will keep avocados out of global food waste at supplier, retailer, and consumer levels.

    Digging Deeper: Annie’s Connects their Products to Healthy Soil

    Annie’s unveils new programs in regenerative agriculture for improving soil health, fighting climate change, and connecting customers to the source of their food.