Kathleen Corr
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Kathleen has just made the leap to the blustery Midwest from New York City, where she recently completed a Master’s Program in American Studies at Columbia University. Kathleen now lives in Chicago, and is ready to explore the local food culture of another fabulous city. In between hiding out from Polar Vortexes, of course.

International Year of Family Farming: How Can Permaculture Help Family Farmers?

In the Permaculture Voices Shout webinar, speakers discussed methods and benefits of permaculture for smallholder and family farms.

Fast Food Workers Strike Across the United States for Fair Wages

Fast food workers are striking across the nation today for higher wages and the right to unionize.

An Apple a Day: Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program Launched in NYC

Doctors and farmers markets partner in a pilot program to battle obesity and diet-related illnesses in New York City families.