Lucienne Cross
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Lucienne Cross is a writer and program manager for organizations that empower small and young farmers through training, business and sustainability opportunities. She works on food and agriculture projects in both New York and the West Indies.

Permaculture Combats Malnutrition in Malawi

Permaculture helps subsistence farmers in Malawi access nutritious produce year round.

Urban Gardening Offers Nutrition and a Livelihood for HIV affected Ethiopians

Urban gardening in Ethiopia brings a livelihood and critical nutrition to people living with HIV.

Healthy Plates Around the World

The Institute for Family Health designed culturally specific Healthy Plate diagrams to teach diabetes education with the foods people know and love.

John Hopkins Supports Research in the Public Health Benefits of Aquaculture

Johns Hopkins’s Center for a Livable Future supports research connecting aquaculture and public health.

Cooking Classes give Somali Refugees Lessons on Health and Heritage

Cooking classes for Somali refugees help mothers and daughters bond and develop healthy cooking traditions.

A Focus on Land Rights to Improve Food Security

Guidelines passed by the FAO support food security by promoting fair processes for land rights and land access.

The New Farmer Project: An Essential Tool Shed for Vermont’s Aspiring Farmers

The University of Vermont’s New Farmer Project provides resources, training and support for aspiring farmers.