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Maia Reed is interested in food issues big and small. She has a diverse range of experience including fundraising for a farm-based job training program, cooking for salvaged food collectives, and contributing to USAID agricultural programs. She is currently pursuing a Masters of the Environment with a specialization in Sustainable Food Systems at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and holds a bachelor’s degree in International Development Studies from McGill University. An avid traveler, she enjoys watching how people from different cultures connect and interact through food.

A Hint of Green in New Orleans’ French Eateries

A delicious handful of French restaurants are serving up locally-sourced, seasonally-fresh food to the New Orleans community.

Six Key Recommendations for Family Farming in North America

This April representatives from 35 organizations around the world gathered in Québec City to participate in the Dialogue on Family Farming in North America.

GFAR Partnering With EAT to Create Research Network Uniting Agriculture and Nutrition

GFAR has partnered with the EAT Stockholm Food Forum to lead an integrated approach to increasing the sustainability and nutritional value of food.

Fresh vs. Frozen: Who Wins the Fish Filet Fight?

For conscientious consumers, knowing the differences between fresh and frozen seafood can lead to healthier, more sustainable choices.

Engaging Agricultural Communities in the Mediterranean

The Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) and the Foundation for South-North Mediterranean Dialogue are aiding rural communities in the Medterranean.

Food Hero: John Besh, Celebrity Chef and Small Farm Supporter

Through the John Besh Foundation, celebrity chef John Besh selects local farmers to aid with financial loans and business training.

Chicago Council: Harnessing Disruptive Technologies for Agricultural Gains

At the Chicago Council’s Global Food Security Symposium, four speakers participated in lightning presentations to discuss technology in agriculture.

Chicago Council: The Climate-Food Nexus: Awareness, Investment, and Action are Key

The first panel discussion at The Chicago Council for Global Affairs’ Global Food Security Symposium explored the climate-food nexus.

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