Nina Sparling
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Nina Sparling is a freelance writer living in New York, passionate about food and language. Follow her @nina_spar

Food Rescue and Social Responsibility: A Conversation with FoodBridge

Through collaboration between local businesses and nonprofit organizations, FoodBridge addresses food waste and hunger in local communities.

Talking Heritage Chicken with Jesse Solomon, Founder & CEO of Emmer & Co.

At Emmer & Co., heritage-breed chickens are key to a healthy, responsible food system.

Migrant Justice\’92s Milk With Dignity Program Fights for Fair Labor in Vermont

Migrant Justice is organizing farmworkers across Vermont to ensure fair labor standards and fight for Milk with Dignity.

Andrew Youn On Ending Poverty in Our Lifetimes

Andrew Youn explains the three reasons why we can end poverty in our lifetimes.