Rocco Pallin
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Rocco is a research intern for Food Tank. A native of Wisconsin, she earned a BA in history from Dartmouth College and later a Masters in Public Health from the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. At Tulane, she studied Global Community Health and Nutrition with an emphasis on food security and nutritional assessment.

Recently, Rocco moved to Sacramento, CA, where she is conducting research in violence prevention.

Rocco has particular interest in international food security, sustainable agriculture, and disaster resilience.

In Nairobi, Transformers Project Tackles School Feeding with Sustainability

In Nairobi, Kenya, the World Food Programme has piloted a project to include aesthetically rejected ugly vegetables in school meals, feeding 2,200 schoolchildren lunch made with fresh vegetables for 75 school days.

Researchers Find Food Insecurity “A Key Contributor to Poor Health and Higher Costs” in Canada

Researcher Naomi Dachner discusses with Food Tank her team’s work on the association between health care costs and food insecurity in Canada, which they found “consistent with U.S. research that has raised concerns about food insecurity as a key contributor to poor health and higher costs.”

Freya Yost on Respecting “Farmers and Their Rightful Place in Our Food System”

Freya Yost, Vice President at A Growing Culture, discusses the potential of farmers in building a more equitable food and agriculture system, with one central question: what can we learn from smallholder farmers?

Sustainable Food Trust to Host Harmony in Food and Farming Conference

A conference held by the Sustainable Food Trust will discuss the principles of harmony in food and farming with a diverse audience this July 10 and 11 in Wales.

President Trump’s Announcement of U.S. Withdrawal from the Paris Accord Met with Concern

As the world reacts to the U.S. exiting the Paris Climate Agreement, Republican Mayor Jim Brainard of Carmel, Indiana—a long-time supporter of climate change mitigation strategies—shares his concerns.

Why Mill Your Own Grain? Interview with the Milling Missionary

Food Tank sat down with Paul Lebeau of Wolfgang Mock to discuss home milling, its benefits, and the passion driving their work.

Food Insecurity on the Rise: A New Collaborative Report Provides a Global Picture

A new collaborative report combines a variety of data sources for a comprehensive picture of global food insecurity in 65 countries in 2016, its exacerbating factors, and a near-future outlook.

The Brownsville Project Brings Change to the Brownsville Food Landscape

Brownsville Project provides education, training, jobs, and healthy and locally-sourced food for one New York City neighborhood.

Five Aquaculture Questions for Dr. Jillian Fry

Dr. Fry is involved in education, advocacy, policy, and research on the consequences of industrial aquaculture and animal food production.

Antibiotics in the Food System

Check out what experts presented at the New York Academy of Science and Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science’s conference on antibiotics in the food system and what they mean for public and animal health.