Rocco Pallin
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Rocco is a research intern for Food Tank. A native of Wisconsin, she earned a BA in history from Dartmouth College and later a Masters in Public Health from the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. At Tulane, she studied Global Community Health and Nutrition with an emphasis on food security and nutritional assessment.

Recently, Rocco moved to Sacramento, CA, where she is conducting research in violence prevention.

Rocco has particular interest in international food security, sustainable agriculture, and disaster resilience.

Bee Pharma Africa and a Flying Pharmacy

Bee Pharma Africa hopes to build a coalition for research in the use of bee propolis and other bee products for treating human diseases.

Extinction on Your Plate?

See how the Center for Biological Diversity hopes its extinction facts labels will raise consumer awareness on the environmental impacts of eating meat.

Food-X: Changing the Future of Food

Food-X\’92s fourth cohort of food and agriculture startups includes companies throughout the food supply chain.

Food Loves Tech to Showcase Technology from the Fields to the Future

Food Loves Tech invites attendees to see, smell, touch, and taste the transformative technologies of our food system.

17 Farmer Heroes for Sustainability, Equality, and Defense of Traditions

Check out these seventeen farmer heroes who, from poetry to advocacy, are doing more than putting food on our plates.

ReFED Roadmap Creates “Actionable Paths” Towards Food Waste Reduction

ReFED is releasing its Roadmap, which aims at a 20 percent reduction in food waste in the US by 2030.

Seven Projects Protecting Soils Around the World

The International Year of Soils has ended, but the work is just beginning for these soil projects.

Improved Crop Storage Bags Can Improve Harvests and Incomes

PICS Bags, developed by Purdue University, are proving useful for insect-free crop storage in sub-Saharan Africa.

10 Ways to Celebrate Community Through Food on Terra Madre Day

This December 10th, celebrate Terra Madre Day by supporting local food and the preservation of food traditions.

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